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Rapid cooling text taste and nutrients

It minimizes evaporation in food, thereby maintaining its taste, shape, and texture.
Natural defrosting: blood of the meat runs.
Rapid cooling and defrosting: fresh meat.

Even defrost and heat

Intense and precise heating produces a well-cooked and evenly heated dish.

Quickly cool a beverage

You don’t have to store beverages, including beer, in the fridge. Even if you keep drinks at room temperature, you could still enjoy them cool after a quick cooling at any time.

Enjoy hot dishes cooked without a stove!

It’s practical cooking cavity and high-power (700W) allow you to cook in a simple and timely manner.

Easy and simple to use for everyone!

You can make clean ice using this product more quickly than with a fridge and in a safer manner than with an ice machine.

Various automatic cooking modes

This product allows you to set the intensity and cooking time according to the weight of the food. This results in a properly cooked dish.