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Company Vision

We desire to bring new technologies and innovations to your doorstep. FRIGONDAS is devoted to technologies aimed at improving society as a whole. We are committed to seeing a future in which technology and society come together.

FRIGONDAS is a company that grafts everyday lifestyles together with the most cutting-edge and eco-friendly IT technologies. Our purpose is to create a more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable environment; serving to mend the gap between generations and bring personal dreams to reality.

Building excellence with passion for a leading company

As local IT appliance industry leader and driver of changes, FRIGONDAS is ready to fight challenges with uplifting spirits to provide products capable of adding maximum value to customers and clear paths to ensure sustainability.

Growing with customers by creating value

All executives and staff members are armed with challenging and creative spirits at FRIGONDAS to bring the most out of their capabilities to become top experts in their own fields to create innovative values and growth side-by-side with customers.

Building a community of sharing through technology

FRIGONDAS shares information across its business activities and environment to all stakeholders including customers and employees expanding quality as well as quantity of public goods through activities relevant to IT business to give back to society.